Our 4 Day Overland Tour Of Lesotho

By Ian Shooter|2019-06-30T17:54:21+01:00Jun 20th, 2019|Categories: Lesotho, Trip report|Tags: 4x4 driving, fly fishing, Lesotho, mountain scenery, nature, overland 4x4 tour lesotho, pony rides, Sani pass, warm fireplace, your vehicle or ours|

An Overland Tour Of Lesotho. This is our latest 4 day overland tour around Lesotho and what you can expect if you come and join us. We left Pietermaritzburg in 3 Land rover defenders and 1 Discovery. A real land rover parade. Up the road and on to Underburg where I had hoped to have the best tea and scones at the Rose and Quail in Himeville but they are closed for renovations. Oh [...]