Tour Of The Wild Coast And Drakensberg Mountains (4-9 July 2019)

Overland 4x4 tour of the Wild coast and Drakensberg mountains

The stunning Indian ocean on the Wild coast of South Africa

Tour of the Wild coast and Drakensberg mountains

On this 6 day overland 4×4 tour of the Wild coast and Drakensberg mountains we explore the beautiful, ‘wild’ scenery of the Eastern Cape Wild Coast.  It’s not called the ‘wild’ coast for nothing.


This time we are doing the overland 4×4 tour of the Wild coast and Drakensberg mountains in early winter. One minute we can be swimming in the Indian ocean and then play in the snow in the Drakensberg mountains. One of the biggest migrations in the world is taking place on this coast when we visit. Millions of sardines swim up from the Western Cape and of course also comes all the predators like dolphins and humpback whales. While sitting on the beach we can see all this nature happening right in front of us.

The scenery is very different from the ocean to the mountains.

While on the wild coast we visit the famous hole in the wall. This rock formation is 250 million years old. Cape vultures nest on the cliffs and waterfalls plummet straight into the ocean. A little surf fishing is also available. There is nothing better than fresh sea food for dinner.

After a few days in this amazing place we head inland to the lovely and snow covered Eastern Cape Drakensberg. Here we stay in beautiful chalets in the little hamlet of Rhodes. Here we stay in luxury with hot showers and have the opportunity to do a 4×4 drive up 5 of the highest road passes in South Africa. Check out our 4×4 vehicles here. Some people also love to try a bit of fly fishing in the crystal clear mountain streams and the Tiffendell ski resort is just up the hill.

Of course the views are to die for.

This is really a unique overland 4×4 tour because we have a huge variety of scenery from the Indian ocean to the Drakensberg mountains in just 6 days.

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