Namibia Desert Tour (14 – 26 August 2021)

Namibia desert tour

Come and explore Namibia with Safricaoverland

Namibia desert tour.

The Central Namibia overland safari starts in the big city of Johannesburg. We drive out if that mess and across the Trans Kalahari highway through Botswana. Finally after a stop over in little Gobabis we reach Windhoek. You can save some time by flying straight to Windhoek and we pick you up there. After some shopping we drive to the stunning Spitzkoppe.

The sunrises and sun sets are the best in the world.

Not far away is the highest mountain in Namibia. The mighty Brandberg gets to 2579m above sea level.

While here we go and find the special desert elephants by the Ugab river.

This is a lovely place so we stay here for 2 nights. Nearby is a great stroll to check out the “White lady” bushman paintings. After this beautiful place we do a wild and remote drive around the Brandberg passing huge Welwitschia plants. These have to be seen. The Messum crater is on our way. The drive is so beautiful that we take our time and camp on the way. It is really remote and we have to be prepared with our own water and food.

After all this wilderness we end up on the Salt highway from Henties bay to end up at Swakopmund. Check here to see our 4×4 overland vehicles.

Swakopmund is well prepared for visitors.

We camp here for 3 nights so that we can have plenty time to check out the living desert tour and ride a camel. Also to do is a boat trip to see seals and dolphins or a spot of deep sea fishing. A visit to Pelican point at Walvis bay is certainly a must. While there we do a quad bike tour with Fanie who shows us the dunes in a really fun way.

The wild desert is calling again so we carry on South to camp at a real desert camp. Not much further on we stop for the best apple strudel in the world. Now we are getting close to the famous Sossusvlei dunes. We camp at the Tsauchab river camp under lovely trees. The next day we visit the biggest dunes in the world. Get your cameras out. This place is amazing. We visit the dunes and then a walk to the Dead vlei. After pan cakes for brunch we drive back to our camp.

Nearby is the Naukluft National Park.

I love this place and we do a day hike in this mountainous area.  After all this fun we have to go back home. Of course the Central Namibia overland safari is only part of this huge and remote country so you are welcome to add on a week or 2 and discover more of this incredible country. We drive through Windhoek where you can fly home or carry on with us on a road trip through Botswana to arrive in Johannesburg 2 days later.

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