Eastern Cape Drakensberg Spring Tour (26-29 Nov)

Wild coast and Drakensberg

On our overland 4×4 trips to the Eastern Cape Drakensberg we often play in the snow on tour with Safricaoverland

Eastern Cape Drakensberg Spring Tour.

The whole tour is in South Africa so no need for a passport. The plan is to leave Pietermaritzburg by 8am on the 26th Nov and head out for an adventure. The Eastern Cape Drakensberg Spring tour gives you an amazing 4 day adventure to check out the highest road passes in South Africa. And of course plenty mountain flowers so lots of fun.

We drive over some of the highest road passes in South Africa.

First up is Bastervoetpad pass which although not the highest is apparently one of the more technical ones. Don’t worry though because if you are in your 4×4 vehicle and are a bit concerned there is an

Wild coast and Drakensberg

We often see these beautiful Crowned cranes on our tour of the Drakensberg with Safricaoverland

alternate route. We end up staying at the cosy Mountain shadows hotel. They have a huge fire place and lovely dinner.

We have a nice lamb potjie for dinner and enjoy a cosy fire place.

Day 1 is a longer day with up to 6 hours of driving but we do have to make an effort to get to the wild parts. However day 2 is way shorter with a peaceful drive to the little hamlet of Rhodes. This place is just lovely. While here we stay in self catering cottages.

I love socializing while cooking dinner .

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Stopping for a cup of tea next to Loch Ness while on a 4×4 drive of the Eastern Cape Drakensberg

While we stay here for 2 nights we do some exploring. This part of the Drakensberg is really beautiful and full of life this time of year. We must be prepared with a camera and binoculars. The last day is another 6 hours of driving to arrive back in Pietermaritzburg but with incredible scenery on the way.

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