5 Day Overland 4×4 Tour of Lesotho (27 June 2018 – 1 July 2018)

5 Day overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom.

Come and join us for a 5-day overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho!

Overland 4x4 tour of Lesotho

The views are stunning on our overland 4×4 tours of Lesotho

Lesotho isn’t just another country, it is another world.

We visit Lesotho in the winter to see a special winter wonderland. Don’t worry though, we stay in lovely cosy lodges. This trip is 5 days long and we really get to explore this mountainous country.

Click here to see our 4×4 vehicles. We live in Pietermaritzburg so start our overland 4×4 tours of Lesotho from there.  After entering Lesotho at Qachas nek we drive to Semongkong. The lodge here is lovely and we can try for a brown trout in the stream below.


Nearby is the Malatsunyane falls. Certainly worth a visit!

Then on to stay at Roma. This little town was settled ages ago by Roman Catholics hence the name. While here we do a walk to see some dinosaur footprints. Quite amazing. Now we head further into the Lesotho highlands where you can really see just how mountainous Lesotho really is. We visit Katse dam which is the highest dam in Africa at 2400m above sea level. A tour of the dam wall is very interesting.

Finally, we drive to the famous Sani pass. The chalets here are great. To finish the tour of Lesotho we drive back into South Africa down Sani pass.

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