4 Day Overland 4×4 Tour of Lesotho (3 – 6 January 2019)

4-Day Overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho

Join us between 3 and 6 January 2019 for a 4-day overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho, the Mountain Kingdom.

Rural village in Lesotho with South Africa Overland 4x4 Tours

Rural village in Lesotho with Southern Africa Overland 4×4 Tours

Lesotho isn’t just another country, it is another world!

This time we are going in summer for a very different country we saw in winter. Now the land is lovely and green with herders looking after their sheep. Read a bit more about Lesotho on our destinations page.

Instead of staying in cosy lodges we get to camp wild under millions of African stars.

We start this overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho from my home-town of Pietermaritzburg. First up is Sani pass. After a lunch and drink in Sani Pub we carry on over Black Mountain Pass. This is at 3250m above sea level so the views are incredible as we look over Lesotho. Click here to see my YouTube video of Lesotho. Tonight we camp next to a crystal clear mountain stream.

Now it is on to check out Katse dam. This dam is the highest dam in Africa at 2400m altitude. We stay at the lodge because too long without a hot shower is not nice. While we are here we do a tour of the dam wall. Interesting even for non-engineers.

Next up is the Orange river.

After leaving Katse we have lunch on the banks of the mighty Orange river. It is the 5th longest river in Africa. Of course we have to have a swim. Later on is a stunning 4×4 drive through rural Lesotho. We end up camping under huge Popular trees at the start of Matabeng pass.

This pass is not for sissies.

The last day of our Lesotho adventure is spent driving over Matabeng pass past Sehlabathebe National Park. We drive out of Lesotho via Ramateliso’s gate and have lunch at the Wimpy in Kokstad.

An overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho is an adventure not to be missed.

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