Lesotho mountain kingdom

Lesotho mountain Kingdom.

The Lesotho mountain kingdom and why we love this wild and remote country. On a tour of Lesotho you certainly are exploring the roof of Africa. This incredible country boasts the highest pub, diamond mind and dam in Africa. It even offers dinosaur foot prints and world class fly fishing.

Surrounded by mountains, Lesotho is where the hardy and friendly “blanket people” tend their sheep and make a living. Click here to see when we are touring Lesotho again.

Lesotho isn’t just another country, it is another world!

This is a world that is just begging to be explored either on foot or in the comfortable luxury of one of our Landys. Of course you are welcome to join us in your 4×4 vehicle.

Have a look at the currency conversion rate here, and find out whether you would need a visa to visit Lesotho here

Some Lesotho history…

The Basotho people, who had fled from their original homes as a result of struggles with the Zulu under Shaka Zulu were first unified under Moshoeshoe in about 1818.  He eventually became the first king of Basutoland (later Lesotho).  He settled his people in Butha-Buthe, and then on to Thaba-Bosiu. The mountain of the night.

This is close to the Lesotho capital, Maseru.  As a result of further conflict over territory with the trekboers, King Moshoeshoe I requested aid from Britain. And so Basutoland (later Lesotho) became a British Crown Colony in 1884.  Lesotho achieved independence from Britain in 1966, and is still a kingdom to this day. This small country is completely surrounded by South Africa.  The present King of Lesotho is Letsie III

Sani Pass, 2873m with South Africa Overland 4x4 Tours

Sani Pass, 2873m with South Africa Overland 4×4 Tours

Sani Pass and Lesotho

The spectacular Sani Pass is approximately 9km long and you need a 4×4 vehicle to drive up there. It is the only border with Lesotho in KwaZulu-Natal and climbs from 1544m to 2873m above sea level.

The views while driving up Sani pass are incredible. You can really see how the climate changes as we drive higher and higher. The pass itself is entirely within the borders of South Africa, with the Lesotho border point being at the top of the pass. Most of Lesotho is above the tree line. That means no trees but just mountains. Stunning.

Overland tours of Sani Pass and Lesotho…

Join us for a 1, 2 or up to 5 day guided 4×4 adventure tour of the mountain kingdom of Lesotho See when we are doing our next trip to Lesotho here. You can read about the history of this beautiful country here.

We will take you on a fantastic 4×4 adventure tour up Sani Pass, into Lesotho in one of our 4×4 vehicles and arrange for you to see some of Lesotho’s most beautiful sights. There are cozy lodges scattered around Lesotho that we love to stay in, especially in winter. Often we camp wild in summer to really experience the mountains. Sani Pass is one of the routes we use to drive into Lesotho and the whole country is full of amazing 4×4 routes.

An overland 4×4 tour of Lesotho is an adventure not to be missed.

We have 3 strong 4×4 vehicles that you can join us in or you can drive your own 4×4 vehicle. We do everything else for you including bookings and cooking hot meals.

Things to see on a Lesotho adventure tour.

This includes Katse Dam, completed in 1996, filled in 1997.  This is the first dam built for the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, and the highest dam in Africa. The Alpine Botanical Gardens, in Katse Village; with their many unique and beautiful specimen plants. Also the highest nature reserve in Africa. The mysterious and beautiful Bokong Nature Reserve.  Of course we have the opportunity to visit Afriski Resort (one of the only ski resorts in Southern Africa) and stay at Oxbow Lodge.

We love to get close to nature and can arrange for Basotho Pony Rides, abseiling and trout fishing in the clear mountain waters of Lesotho. Even dinosaur footprints at Roma. There will be many opportunities to interact with the unique lifestyle of the Basotho People. They love to show off their lovely arts and crafts along the way. Try to save some space in your luggage for one of the famous Basotho Blankets.  These are guaranteed to keep you warm on those cold Lesotho winter nights!

  • Lesotho mountain Kingdom
  • Lesotho mountain kingdom
  • Lesotho mountain kingdom
  • Lesotho mountain kingdom
  • Lesotho mountain Kingdom
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