Kasanka National Park Bat migration Zambia

Kasanka National Park bat migration
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Kasanka National Park bat migration is the biggest mammal migration on earth. As many as 10 million straw coloured fruit bats come to gorge on the huge fruit production. Truly a once in a life time experience. We really get to witness nature in action and it can only be seen here in Kasanka NP. Kasanka is the first National park to be privately owned in Zambia and can be found a couple hours drive North of the capital Lusaka. Between late October and early December every year, up to 10 million straw coloured fruit bats migrate here. This is a 2000 mile round trip from South Sudan to Zambia. The females are pregnant so need all the fruit they can get.  They can consume up to 2 times their body weight a night in fruit and are very important seed distributors for the forest. While visiting Kasanka we also can see lots of birds of prey hunting the bats. As they leave their cave in the Mushitu swamp forest the birds lie in wait. It really is an unbelievable spectacle as we sit in tree top hides. Of course, it is not just bats that we spot. There are plenty of other animals wandering around. We have the opportunity of seeing some nocturnal animals on night drives in the park with the park rangers. Our adventure starts in Johannesburg, South Africa. You are welcome to drive all the way with us or fly into Lusaka and meet us there. This will save you about 3 days of driving.