24 Day Kaokoland Northern Namibia

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Tour Overview

Kaokoland in Northern Namibia.

An inhospitable wonderland. Kaokoland Northern Namibia is certainly one of the last truly remote, fascinating and inhospitable places on earth. As a result requiring some personal perseverance and adaptability. Surely a life changing trip!

We experience gravel roads, thick loose sand and even boulder strewn tracks so good 4x4 skills and experience are necessary.

 The Kunene river forms the Northern border with Angola. In the east is the Atlantic ocean with a barrier of huge sand dunes.

Most of all we hope to spot desert adapted wildlife.

Lions and some of the mysterious and highly adapted  desert elephants as well as giraffe can be seen at Marienfluss and in the dry river beds. There is prolific bird life and mammals gathering near any water they can find.  There are also very interesting plants found in this wild place.

Most noteworthy is the fact that this area is remote and inhospitable. Help is a long way away. Consequently we need to be totally self sufficient with enough fuel and water. You can drive with us in our 4x4 vehicles or in your own vehicle. Just follow us to see the best parts of Kaokoland Northern Namibia.

The geological formations date back over 2 million years and consist of igneous and metamorphic rocks covered with a thin layer of sedimentary rock. Just South of us is the Namib desert which influences how hot and dry it is here. Campsites are very rudimentary and without fences.

When the Himba people entered the region with the sun rising behind them, they gave the Kaokoland it's name. The river on their right (Okunene) and the land on the left (Okoaka).

The Himba people still live in the Stone age and have found innovative ways of making a living so be prepared to have your photo taken with them for a small cost! Their name means Aardvark and they have been very isolated and so have kept their culture and complex society.

 In addition we visit an old German fort at Sesfontein. Apart from the Himba people there is quite a lot of German history with places having German names.

This is Namibia at it's wildest. An absolute must do trip for adventurous people.