eco tourism

Eco Tourism

Perched lightly on the earth.

We are very aware of our impact on mother nature so go to a lot of effort not to cause any harm. While getting up close and personal to wild life in Africa we only look and don’t touch. As much as possible we use local people for places to stay and so also get some local culture thrown in.

Some of the policies we do are only using solar power to charge batteries and for lighting. Of course we must be careful of how much water we use. Most of Southern Africa is very dry and we don’t have to add to the problem.

We love to see nature in action and drive to amazing wild places to see it. Therefore there is a big need to keep these places wild. Although we drive 4×4 vehicles we have done advanced 4×4 driving courses and are aware of our impact on the places we visit. So that means we don’t leave the roads we drive on and play in the bush. Also we only go in small groups of up to 5 vehicles maximum.

We are here to protect the earth for our children to enjoy.

eco tourism